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SockWell Women's Sport Ease | Bunion Relief Socks

SockWell Women's Sport Ease | Bunion Relief Socks

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The beauty in bunion relief socks is the special toe pocket design. The bunion relief sock places the big toe into a separate pocket from the other toes. This gives your big toe and second toe the much needed relief from friction that tends to build up throughout the day. The lack of friction between those toes means a potential lack in soreness, calluses, and corns.

The design of the sock also helps to naturally pull the big toe away from the other toes, leading to a more anatomically correct position for your toes. In addition, the toe pockets are cushioned to provide a further layer of protection from friction for the toes.

Spandex throughout the sock
Bunion relief split toe
Turn welt top
Arch support
*Seamless toe closure

Ultra light cushion sole

34% Merino Wool
34% Bamboo Rayon
28% Stretch Nylon
4% Spandex

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