Collection: Kneed Insoles

Kneed \’nēd\ Knack + Need = Kneed

Knack \’nak\ noun
1. an ability, talent, or special skill needed to do something. “They have a knack for properly fitting footwear.”

Need \’nēd\ verb
1. require (something) because it is essential or important “your sore feet may need insoles”
1. circumstances in which something is necessary, or that require some course of action; necessary. “We need independent footwear dealers who serve the community.”

The name was inspired by the local independent footwear dealers that have the “knack” to fit your footwear properly. Kneed also believes that proper fitting footwear isn’t a want but a “need”. You deserve to have the best fitting footwear for your activity. If your feet feel good, that will translate to the rest of you feeling good. To be your best, you Kneed to feel good.