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SockWell Women's Plantar Cush Crew | Plantar Relief Socks

SockWell Women's Plantar Cush Crew | Plantar Relief Socks

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Plantar fasciitis relief socks are not a curative measure, but they can provide aid and relief throughout your day. By applying firm compression to the arch of your foot, the sock acts as a support system to the fascia ligament, giving it a light stretch when you're off your feet and lessening the pain when you get back on them.

The compression can also help relieve inflammation, energize your feet, and reduce swelling. All together, firm compression can help to relieve pain and speed up the potential for healing.

Plantar support
Ankle support
Graduated compression leg
Spandex throughout the sock
Turn welt top
*Seamless toe closure

Light cushion sole

33% Merino Wool
33% Bamboo Rayon
28% Stretch Nylon
6% Spandex

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