Glerups Shoe Grey with Leather Sole


The Glerups Shoe is a closed heel slipper that follows the contours of the foot to help them stay on comfortably. Enjoy the warmth of 100% pure wool with the unisex Glerups Shoe in Light Grey. This 4-Season Slipper keeps your feet at the perfect temperature year-round.


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SKU: Glerups Shoe Grey A-01
In 1993, Danish mother Nanny Glerup hand-crafted a pair of slippers using the natural wool from her own Gotland sheep. So well were the slippers loved by family and friends, that Nanny's hobby soon became a small-scale production - two pairs a day! Since then, Nanny and her husband Ove have developed and improved both the process and the final product. Several machines have been invented and modified, allowing slipper lovers worldwide to enjoy the style and comfort of Glerups. Glerups slippers are unisex and available in European sizing. Please refer to the chart to figure out your Glerups size.

Glerups Sizing Chart

Glerups Sizing Chart