Finn Comfort Gomera Sand Storm


This sandal is a best seller due to its unparalleled adaptation to any occasion. Three soft leather-lined, adjustable straps with hook and loop closures make this a comfortable and stylish sandal that can fit a vast variety of feet. A pretty, decorative silver medallion adorns the forestrap and the ankle strap has a buckle as well as a snap closure.

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SKU: 2562-642051

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Perfectly handcrafted for Unparalleled comfort.

Finn Comfort’s removable orthopedic footbeds promote overall health and well-being. Anatomically designed to support and gently reposition the heel, arch, muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones in the feet, they make each step supremely comfortable while gently improving posture and gait. Your feet, and thus your body, are supported properly and naturally, eliminating unnecessary stress on knee and hip joints and preventing possible foot and back ailments. The extraordinary comfort of our footwear comes down to meticulous detail:
  • Room for your toes thanks to natural anatomical shape;
  • Breathable thanks to finest quality leather lining;
  • All-natural anatomically designed orthopedic footbeds provide health and comfort;
  • Pleasant to wear thanks to softly padded topline;
  • Hand stitching means superior flexibility;
  • Ventilation holes ensure efficient air circulation;
  • Lightweight, flexible and highly shock absorbent soles are gentle on joints.