Blundstone TLC and Tab Repair

Let us Clean, Polish and Protect your Blundstone Boots for you!

Blundstone TLC

Do your Blundstone Boots need some TLC? For just $20/pair we will clean, polish and protect (waterproof) your Blundstone Boots for you, regardless of where they were purchased. Extend the life of your boots and keep them looking great at the same time! Drop them off at our store at 231 King Street, Peterborough and in a day or two we’ll have them back to you cleaned, polished, protected and ready to wear.

Blundstone boot on floor with arrow pointing to tab

Blundstone Tab Repair

Blundstone Repair. If the pull tabs on your Blundstone boots need restitching or replacing (dogs love to chew them!) we can fix them for you. Restitching tabs are $8.50 per tab; New tabs are $10 each.

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